Legend of Legaia (PlayStation, 1999)

Product Information
After creating a massive world with vast oceans, landscapes and an infinite universe, God instituted human beings to keep his creation in order. Upon realization that man was mortally flawed with weaknesses and feelings, he created a mysterious force known as the Seru; these stone objects would aid humans in decisions and day to day functions. Worn as an apparel item, they granted the wearer many strengths and abilities ranging from the movement of heavy objects to flying capabilities. Thus, human life was made easier -- the Seru would forever obey their masters.

And then the Mist arrived.

Filled with destructive means and hatred, the Mist covered the human's cultivated lands and destroyed a seemingly eternal bond with the Seru. Instead of loyally helping their masters, the mysterious stones turned against the humans; they became maniacal tools of evil, controlling minds and ruining innocent lives. The human existence was reduced tremendously with few survivors fleeing to uncharted territories. Perhaps the Mist wouldn't find them wherever they ran.

With a dying passion of revenge and to reclaim what was rightfully theirs, the humans are determined to overcome the powerful force and evil Seru. Beginning in the desolated village of Rim Elm, you'll assume the role of Vahn, a young boy that lusts for justification and the destruction of the Mist. With his offensive and defensive martial arts attacks, he's joined by the intuitive Noa and a fighting monk named Gala whom thrives off the art of discipline. Together, they must uncover the mysteries of Mist and awaken a series of Genesis Trees; these trees will cleanse that section of the world.

Upon first glance, Legend of Legaia is a traditional third-person role-playing game with 3D graphics. With a wide variety of towns and townspeople in which to interact, you'll unravel the storyline by learning of important hints and clues. Located in each town is a series of commerce shops; item shops contain helpful potions among other things and weapon and armor shops contain wide variety of powerful swords, helmets, etc. Additionally, you can stay the night at an inn to completely replenish your party's hit and magical points.

Where it differs from the traditional role-playing game is in its battle system. The Tactical Arts System has your characters learning unique combination techniques to use against your enemy. Although the action is turn based, each character has a series of special arts and hyper arts to master; for instance, Vahn can execute a charging scorch by pressing down and right on the D-Pad -- the final button for the combination must be learned on your own! If you'd rather not worry about the fighting, you can set the game to auto mode. It will select a character's maneuvers for them and even learn new combinations.

You can also select an attack strategy including high kicks that work against floating monsters, a dominating Ra-Seru hand attack, a low kick used for smaller creatures and the arms attack for equipped weapons. You can also absorb Seru for summoning and magical abilities; monsters with an elemental icon over their head can be stored and summoned.

Legend of Legaia features over 100 different enemies and makes full use of the Dual Shock Analog Controller with vibration and analog support. A memory card (one block) is needed to save the adventure and any moves that may have been learned. Can you stop the destructive Mist before all hope is vanquished? The fate of the world is riding on your shoulders!

Product Highlights

Product Identifiers
GameLegend of Legaia
UPC711719171225, 711719425427

Key Features

Tech Details
ESRB DescriptorAnimated Violence
Control ElementsGamepad/Joystick
Number of Players1
Release Year1999
Game Special Features
  • Features a fighting game-style combat interface
  • Battle hundreds of 3D enemies
  • Supports both analog control and vibration feedback

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